What we can provide for you

Not another company that will drag and drop your website together, we take pride in our code.


We design the architecture and write the code for the most efficient server side processing.


We design and build custom protocols to fit any of your unique needs and retain the utmost efficiency.

Block Chains

We have extensive expertise in Block Chain technology and can develop any kind for any required purpose.


How we are changing the world
No Limits, we can create Anything

We are a small group of highly trained and motivated engineers, architects, and innovators forging the pathway of the future.

The future is a bright collection of new innovations that are to bring us greater freedoms with ourselves and the world around us.

Nexusoft is building the foundations and services that will provide people with better options..

We don't put limits on what we do, we transcend them

That's how we bring the Future.

  • Block Chains

    Extensive expertise in the creation, maintenance, and development of all blockchain based technologies.

  • Security

    Forging new ways to create security in systems. We work with the highest grade cryptography and write code that is rigorously tested to stand the tests of time.

  • Efficiency

    Template level programming, minimal library use, to generate software systems that can scale with minimal hardware required.

  • Innovation

    We aren't afraid to innovate. We are always breaking into new ways to think and design systems to bring the highest degree of innovation in how things are created.

The Nexus team

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. - Henry Ford
Colin Cantrell
CEO – founder of Nexus
Preston Smith
Dev Team Member
Keith Smith
Web Developer, Social Media
Web Developer, contractor, podcast producer, video producer, activist and family man. Keith found cryptocurrency while organizing the nationwide End the Fed campaign. Being a student of Austrian economics, he tried to prove cryptocurrency to not be as good as gold and silver. The more he studied, traded, tested and used cryptocurrency, the more he realized cryptocurrency is not only a solution, but the solution.
Patrick Miller
Dev Team Member
Christopher Murdock
Web Developer
Christopher Murdock is located in Canberra, Australia, the heart of his Country. Delivering self taught web services to Nexus and all things surrounding the project. He started with us here at Nexus in the mid section of 2016 and will continue to be with us until his fingers fall off.

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